Here's a sampling of the ways we're cultivating scholars, creators, and collaborators by cultivating musicians.

Music for the very young

Music for the Very Young: Music, Movement and Literacy, our early-childhood music and movement program, was created just two years into our founding. Its mission is to serve Trenton’s pre-K children, their teachers and families, not only by creating joyful and interesting first musical experiences for the children, but by weaving music and movement into the fabric of the preschool day. Read on!



Trenton Music Makers
(formerly El Sistema - Trenton)

El Sistema is a game-changer for urban communities, providing opportunities for young people to participate in music making at a level that was previously out of reach. It originated 40 years ago in Venezuela, and it now serves hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan youth and more than a million children around the world.  Participation in El Sistema programs has been shown to reduce gang participation, improve graduation rates, and provide a sense of purpose to young people. As its founder says, it is “social justice through music.” Read on!



trenton makes - words!

Trenton Makes - WORDS! is a free vocabulary program that helps to prepare children aged 0-5 for kindergarten. Sessions support engagement between children and their parents/caregivers through themes based on cultural traditions, science, music and art. All programs encourage families to use fun, easy learning activities in their everyday lives. Read on!