We are educators, mentors, musicians. Since 1998 we have been supporting school readiness, building leadership, reinforcing family connections, and instilling confidence, awareness, and artistry. We do this by providing community-based opportunities for young people to learn and to play music together.


Our Mission

Trenton Community Music School brings children together to learn and make music, to develop their minds, imagination, and community.

The impact the music program is having on our students is immeasurable! My students who would usually sit quietly began taking on more leadership and became vocal during group assignments. Students that occasionally struggled to focus have shown strict discipline and detail when completing tasks in class.
— April Reid, Fourth Grade Teacher at Grant Elementary

What We believe

  • Amazing results come when young people join together to reach a common goal.
  • Supporters, mentors, teachers, players, and music lovers all have vital parts to play in building young musicians.
  • Building musicianship also builds great students, community members, leaders, collaborators, and carriers of promise. Musicians develop awareness, confidence, connectivity, expressiveness, and an open mind.
  • Music learning at its best is both process-oriented and performance-oriented. When it is structured, disciplined, demanding and fun, it provides a rich and rewarding experience not only for the students but also for those whose lives are enriched by the music they play. 
  • We look for ways to serve the city of Trenton, and we also embrace opportunities to work in the surrounding communities as those opportunities emerge.

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